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I have a long, passionate history with drama and theatre.  I was an active child with a great amount of energy and an even greater desire for attention.  Luckily, I found a positive outlet in my Drama Class!  I had an amazing teacher who inspired self-confidence and gave direction and focus to my energy.  This gave me a safe place to be whomever I wanted.  I decided I wanted to be a teacher and provide the same opportunities to other children!

When I first started teaching Drama I would go with my peers to the teacher stores and I would always be disappointed that there was nothing that directly applied to my field. I had to create anything that was needed myself, on poster board or notecards. After 8 years of teaching in public schools I decided I would start creating professional materials for the Theatre classroom. My company prides itself on creating the finest educational theater posters and motivational products for your drama classroom.

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Matt Ludlam, Owner & Founder of Ludlam Dramatics

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Matt Ludlam, Owner & Founder

In 2003 I graduated from Stephen F. Austin with a BA in Theater and an All -Level Teaching Certificate. During my student teaching and first year as a teacher, I was mentored by Nancy Prince, who wrote the state-adopted middle school textbook "Understanding Theater." 

In 2004 I came to Lewisville, TX and taught elementary level Creative Dramatics in the public school system. In 2011, I decided that the best way to reach the most children was to become free-lance and teach Creative Dramatics all over the North Dallas Area as a Creative Enrichment option for Montessori Schools, private schools and homeschool co-ops.  

Now I spend my days spreading Theatre concepts and inspiring a new generation to love the arts as well as creating new products for other teachers to use as resources!