Our Mission

What Is Creative Dramatics?

Children learn best through Dramatic Play. The broad term 'drama' covers a wide area of techniques incorporating physical movement, vocal action, and mental concentration which traditional classrooms have lacked in quantity and combination in the past. Many people are already familiar with the use of plays and readers theater to teach and reinforce material. Many people also find that children have a high interest in performing. While children will often show interest in these types of activities, teachers and parents without a background in drama will often have a difficult time knowing how to approach the idea of teaching them more. In the same manner, a student who needs extra help or a new angle at learning a subject is often self-motivated to find a way to learn the material; however some parents lack the resources to offer the student.

Bringing the Arts to You!

This is where we come in!  One member of our team will come to your program location and teach a variety of units that can be added to your program on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Contact us to come to your classroom and bring out the best in your students while teaching concepts that will enrich your curriculum and encourage an enthusiasm for learning!  Our curriculum is process-based and therefore not intended to end with a big show or recital.  We believe that the child benefits most by experiencing and focusing on the activity at hand instead of worrying about an event.  In doing this, many small and important lessons are learned and practical application of skills is not overlooked.