Fall 2020 3-Month Online Drama Club

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Starts 1st Monday of September and ends The Week of Thanksgiving.

These classes will consist of weekly lessons that can be done at your child's own pace and an optional weekly 30 minute Zoom Meeting.

During these clubs students will practice and enhance skills in storytelling, emotional expression, creative movement, public speaking, and listening skills!


Each Week I will email out a PDF with a live link to videos of myself giving instructions as well as reference videos. The student will click on the links in the pdf in order and then we will use the SEESAW platform for the students to respond by recording a video or audio of themselves in the SEESAW app. The lessons start out very easy and will grow slightly more complicated as we go.
There will be a weekly 30 minute Zoom meeting for the kids to chat and interact while performing online physical theatre games.

REFUNDS will be only offered until the second week of September.